Drive Costs Out of Security Deployments

As a Cloud Value Distributor & Flex Co-Sell Partner, SecureDynamics is solely focused on making it easy for you to do business, so you can grow your cloud, SaaS, and SASE security practices. We help you stay on top of customer deployments, with our single sign-on cloud-based Co-Manage 360 Portal, so you know when it’s time to renew or when there are potential up-sell/cross-sell opportunities. We also give you the opportunity to pick and choose the co-managed services you want to offer to help your customers maximize the value of their deployments and achieve optimal outcomes.

Up-Sell Co-managed Services for Higher Margins

Our co-managed services give you the opportunity to check in with your customers to help them clean up their implementations or adopt new, advanced capabilities to keep them satisfied.

Complete Regular Health Checks & Troubleshooting

SecureDynamics can help you troubleshoot and conduct regular health checks, so you can streamline policies and maintain healthy, best practices deployments for your customers, both on-premises and in the cloud. For more information or to get started, please contact

Conduct Best Practice Assessments (BPA) for Firewall Deployments

SecureDynamics consultants will use Palo Alto Network’s Best Practice Assessment (BPA) Tool to review your firewall Infrastructure and recommend updates and changes that align with a best practices set-up and implementation. The BPA itself can be done by admins and where we come in is to review the findings, highlight the critical issues and address them in about a day.

  • BPA Base Package: includes a BPA, a summary of the recommended changes and the Firewall admin is responsible for making the changes
  • BPA Transformation Package: a more advanced package that includes a BPA, a summary of recommended changes, and then the implementation of necessary changes to your firewall deployment.

Alert, troubleshoot and remediate with Playbooks

Playbooks are drag and drop tools that use Palo Alto Networks CLI commands to query the Firewall. They allow you to write complex playbooks without having to learn CLI commands, enabling you to create playbooks to alert, troubleshoot or remediate the firewall and any associated network or VPN issues with a few point and clicks. Multiple CLI commands can be chained together, and you can use conditional statements to test scenarios. You can get alerts via email or text and also auto-remediate if needed. Playbooks can be scheduled to run daily, hourly or on a sleep timer to allow you to focus on other tasks.

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