#118 Kristina Podnar — Marketing with Empathy

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In this FastCast episode, Digital Policy Expert Kristina Podnar talks about marketing during our new normal. She believes the smartest marketers have assessed and adjusted their messaging. Brands don’t need to be silent right now, but they do need to be empathetic and focus on the good they can do. Kristina believes that as traditional marketing such as conferences and events are canceled, we will see an increased shift towards virtual and digital platforms. The brands that are able to embrace this softer, empathetic marketing approach will be the ones who come out the other side.

  • 02:04 — First things first: adjust your messaging
  • 03:46 — Focus on what good you can do during this time. Have empathy.
  • 04:15 — The “How We Feel” app from Pinterest is helping track the spread of coronavirus.
  • 06:59 — Canceling traditional marketing, like events, doesn’t mean canceling all marketing.
  • 10:28 — Simple thank you messages can keep your brand front and center.