2019 saw us publish 76 – yes, 76! – fantastic podcasts. Those 76 conversations traveled the length and breadth of the cybersecurity industry covering many topics and including the insights of many guests. Some guests returned for a regular monthly conversation, a unique and exclusive group of cybersecurity experts from a variety of verticals and specialities that we call Cyber360+.

Our host Ashwin Krishnan has led discussions on the issues at the forefront of security, like data breaches and security budget, but also helped shine a light on the issues that deserve more attention, such as ethics and mental health. 

A broad spectrum of podcasts

Career CISO Tammy Moskites, Gary Hayslip of Softbank, and Helen Patton of OSU among many others offered great advice for CISOs, from security budget and skills shortage to CISOs talking business and deserving a seat on the board. Many of those guests also offered advice for security vendors — chief among them was: please listen.

Data hogged many minutes of our podcast air time and deservedly so. We heard Joe Stuntz of Virtru, Phil Dunkelberger of Nok Nok Labs, Trish Dixon of IronNet, and Jon Callas of ACLU talk about encrypting and protecting data. Archis Gore shared his horror story of managing Spectre and Meltdown. Privacy was an urgent issue for Meeri Haatja of Saidot, Jake Olcott at Bitsight, and Brian Vecci of Varonis. And while almost every guest touched upon the importance of AI and ML, notable stand outs were Emrah Gultekin of Chooch AI and Fiona McEvoy, Tech Ethicist.

The importance of building security, privacy and ethics into the design of our technology came up again and again. Andrea Little Limbago of Virtru, Laura Noren at Obsidian, and Jason Brvenik of NSS Labs shared their thoughts. Vasu Jakkal at FireEye and Carolyn Crandall at Attivo Networks talked about marketing cybersecurity. While Sergio Caltagirone of Dragos and Caroline Wong of Cobalt.io talked about the increasing toll on the health of cybersecurity professionals.

We’ve also covered cybersecurity in specific verticals, Taylor Lehmann on healthcare, Helen Patton on higher education, Lester Godsey on local government, and Kristina Podnar on digital policies.

As regular listeners will know, we are passionate about increasing diversity in cyber. Our podcasts have championed diversity in its many forms, whether that be gender, geography, race, or background. Some of our favourites have included Andrea Little Limbago, Dinah Davis of Arctic Wolf, and Varun Badhwar of Palo Alto Networks.

2020 predictions

We’ve chosen not to try to predict what 2020 will bring to this fast-paced, ever-evolving industry, but we did pose that question to some of our guests towards the end of the year. Jason Haward Grau, CISO of PAS sees more targeted attacks in the industrial environment and recommends security practitioners prepare, prepare, and prepare some more. In their joint podcast Malcolm Harkins, CSTO at Cymatic, and Peter Liebert, Founder of Liebert Security, offered some thoughts for the year ahead. Malcolm hopes the security industry will start to be held accountable by its customers and by the government. While Peter fears the bad guys will advance further with AI and ML than the good guys can keep up with — especially the security practitioners working in public sectors.

While we offer no predictions, we will certainly be interested to see how consumer privacy and security evolves under the increasing legislation and commoditization of data.

We cannot possibly cover every topic and every guest in this blog post. So please, explore our podcast archives: search for the topics that interest you or the people that you admire. We work hard to offer our guests an opportunity and a platform to discuss what is important to them. We’re proud of what we’ve curated; we’d love you to dive in.