Make Sure Your as Secure in the Cloud as You Are in Your Data Center

Maintain Your Security Stance in the Cloud
Leverage SecureDynamics experts to quickly and easily expand your security posture to the cloud, including Google Cloud Platforms, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Consistently enforce security policies to protect workloads across your private, public and hybrid cloud environments to maintain your security stance.

Maximize the Security of the Palo Alto Networks VM Series in Your Google, AWS & Azure Deployment
Use SecureDynamics experts to help you deploy Palo Alto Networks VM Series to ensure a consistent level of security in the cloud, including Google Cloud Platforms, AWS and Azure. SecureDynamics can help you:

  • Create a Palo Alto Networks architecture in the cloud
  • Review the set-up of load balancing, application gateways, and user authentication
  • Install, deploy, and configure the Palo Alto Security Platform with all necessary capabilities:
    • VPN tunnel and Dynamic routing
    • Security groups, subnets, network interfaces and route tables
    • Logging
    • Authentication
  • Harden your configuration with Iron-Skillet Best Practices
  • Set-up Panorama to integrate with existing network firewalls and deploy policy updates
  • Set-up Prisma Cloud to assist with monitoring and remediation

There are a couple flavors of the Palo Alto Networks VM package:

  • Base VM Cloud Package – ideal for SMEs, this package covers the basic deployment, setup and configuration of a VM Firewall.
  • Bronze VM Cloud Package – ideal for enterprises with multiple firewalls, and configuring policies with Panaroma – deployment of  VMs and network interfaces are included in this package.

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