#57 Dinah Davis, VP of R&D, Arctic Wolf

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Battling Cybersecurity’s Bias
Dinah talks about the bias faced by women, the gradual increase of women in tech, motivating a team, encouraging risk, and her own personal journey.

03:20            How the bias and bullying faced by women in tech turned into a blog and a community: Code Like a Girl.

06:45            The discovery that bullying contributed to her depression.

08:50            Shared her story of depression to help others seek help.

12:48            If you take away the safety net of a test team, your software developers are going to do a more thorough job.

20:20            Women in tech are increasing and they are giving young girls a role model. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.

24:04            If your staff are encouraged and motivated you will have a high-performing organization.

Dinah Davis Interview Transcript