#41 Eric Olden — ex-SVP and GM of Cloud Security and Identity, Oracle

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Trust as a Product
Eric discusses his process of customer development, the concept of trust as a
product, and the dollar cost of the loss of customer trust.

  • 01:08 Customer development is about starting with the problem first.
  • 03:26 Collect a Dirty Dozen. Gather 12 customers in the space that you care about and interview them. Ask open-ended questions and ask about their problems.
  • 10:39 Trust as a product
  • 11:37 Breaches and loss of trust is translating to real dollars: 2.5 billion dollars globally.
  • 13:12 Loss of privacy is the cost of social media.
  • 14:06 When companies invest in security, they are focused on minimizing their own risk and liability not protecting their customers.
  • 15:22 Perhaps it’s time for a trust report – just like a credit report
  • 16:22 If enterprises demonstrate that they really care about trust and their customers, that will be the differentiator.
  • 17:04 Ongoing customer engagement is necessary for business and product success.

Eric Olden Interview Transcript