#13 Eve Maler – VP of Innovation & Emerging Technologies, ForgeRock

00:00 / 32:59

Eve discusses the security implications of the social sign-in and considers if there is an opportunity for enterprises to provide IoT identity management.

  • 00:57 The outsized role of privacy and consent
  • 03:50 Does business’ love affair with the social sign-in ignore the security implications?
  • 08:45 Seamless sign-on or Social sign-in: it’s the underlying business model that determines the sensitivity and risk
  • 11:10 Identity must have a multicloud stance because enterprises are multicloud.
  • 13:56 The non-traditional data center mindset suggests we should give everyone a God Key
  • 17:51 The trend for applying identity to services as well as people, devices, sensors, etc.
  • 19:47 Is there an opportunity for enterprises to provide IoT identity management?
  • 23:33 A framework for understanding how to measure control elements of consent and privacy
  • 30:01 The complex interaction between market forces and regulatory forces.

Eve Maler Interview Transcript