Setting up a firewall to ensure it is optimized to address an organization’s security requirements within its unique environment can be challenging. Often, firewall admins find themselves overwhelmed by all the demands on their time and resources and ill-equipped to take advantage of all the advanced security features offered by next-generation firewalls. As a result, it’s not uncommon for firewalls to contain configuration errors or a confusing set of overlapping policies (due to rule sprawl over time) that weakens its ability to do its job. SecureDynamics can help.

The One-Day SecureDynamics Firewall Health Check Service can identify and recommend resolutions to potential issues with a firewall deployment, so organizations can be confident they have a stable, healthy firewall implementation. The experts at SecureDynamics, who have years of real-world experience implementing next-generation cybersecurity solutions, such as the Palo Alto Networks Security Platform, can quickly determine the health of an organization’s firewall, uncovering and helping resolve any issues, before they can become problems. SecureDynamics reviews and optimizes the critical components of your firewall deployment, including:

  • Basic health
  • Logging
  • Administrative access
  • Software versions
  • Licenses
  • Layer 2 and 3 setup
  • Interfaces
  • Virtual routers
  • Objects and profiles
  • Security policies
  • NAT policies
  • APP-ID

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