#37 Jackson Shaw – Senior Director of Product Identity, Diversity and Inclusion

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Identity, Diversity and Inclusion
Jackson talks about security in identity management, emphasizes the importance of user experience, and describes the IoT industry as the Wild West.

  • 02:23 In the world of identity, foundational technology is still relevant. The dissonance comes with cloud.
  • 04:49 IM should be a business enabler not just an IT efficiency thing.
  • 05:20 Security need to consider user experience in IM.
  • 07:10 Too many people think of UX as an afterthought. It should be part of the development lifecycle.
  • 11:09 Combining good features, good backend, APIs and wrapping it all with good UX is an unbeatable combination.
  • 12:46 The industry needs to do more to close the gender gap in cyber and encourage diversity.
  • 14:38 The correlation between identity and human population has broken.
  • 15:11 The problem with IoT is that there are no actual standards on identity and security.
  • 16:18 The IoT environment is literally the Wild West. How do we secure IoT devices and protect them from penetration?
  • 18:49 It’s a truism in the identity and business world that if something makes business sense, security then becomes a secondary issue.
  • 19:13 Diversity and inclusion: fluidity has to increase, not just with genders but industries too.

Jackson Shaw Transcript