#53 Jason Brvenik – CEO, NSS Labs

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Cybersecurity’s Watchdog
Jason offers an insight into the philosophy and work of NSS Labs. He discusses outdated dogma in cybersecurity, offers advice for vendors from large players to scrappy startups, and shares why he chose a career in cyber – he knew it was a domain that would never be mundane. 

  • 04:23  Vendors cover a spectrum of intents and interests; unfortunately, they are not always ethical.
  • 06:46  How do NSS Labs maintain independence and impartiality?
  • 11:37   Defence in depth – plurality does not equal better security
  • 14:20  Vendors have an obligation to ensure they’re delivering an updatable, secure, maintained product within the lifespan
  • 16:26  In virtualizing existing workloads in cloud environments, we are lifting and shifting risk from a data center to the cloud.
  • 19:19  NSS Labs have found they can use JavaScript to bypass protections in just about every next-generation firewall available.
  • 23:11  Large vendors should extend their product’s protections beyond the workplace to wherever the enduser is.

Jason Brvenik Interview Transcript