#16 Joe Slowik – Principal Adversary Hunter at Dragos

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Think like a practitioner when trying to execute as a vendor
Joe recommends being strategic in your partnerships and being authentic in your message by selling a solution instead of a product.

  • 02:29 A unique vendor message is the way to connect with customers, not spam.
  • 03:23 The problem with anomaly detection as threat detection.
  • 05:12 The challenges of and differences in protecting the ICS environment.
  • 07:53 Gain trust by respecting the work that has already been done, even if it’s outside your realm.
  • 10:26 Think like a practitioner when you’re trying to execute as a vendor.
  • 11:02 Don’t sell a prod uct, sell your customer a solution to their problem.
  • 11:59 Truly get to know your customer by embedding for a day or two and know your market by attending industry-specific events.
  • 15:04 Sharing works well with complementary capabilities but less well with competing capabilities, so be strategic in your partnerships.
  • 16:44 Attackers are using your own code against you.
  • 18:05 The adversaries are becoming more automated.
  • 20:08 Security conferences are a great opportunity to get inspired, collaborate, and continue pushing the community forward.

Joe Slowik Interview Transcript