#123 Johnny Ryan — Chief Policy and Industry Relations Officer, Brave Software

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Ad Tech Remorse

In this episode, Johnny Ryan, Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer at Brave Software, joins the podcast to talk data privacy. He speaks about Brave’s mission and explains its micropayment and cryptocurrency model. He discusses his experiences of working on both sides of the data privacy divide and the ad tech remorse that he and many of his colleagues feel. In describing the ad tech model, Johnny highlights just how much personal data is collected and why protections like GDPR should be strongly enforced. He explains, “You should protect yourself because, unfortunately, the referee has yet to walk on to the pitch.” Even amidst current fears that the world will have to sacrifice privacy to combat COVID-19, Johnny disagrees. For him, the answer lies in building privacy into design.

  • 02:35 — Ad tech remorse.
  • 05:25 — Real-time bidding and how it works.
  • 11:23 — GDPR needs to be enforced.
  • 16:45 — We do not need to sacrifice data privacy in the fight against COVID-19.
  • 22:57 — What are micropayments?
  • 30:27 — Governments should not be using conventional web browsers.

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