#12 Krishna Narayanaswamy – Chief Scientist and Co-Founder of Netskope

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Security in the Cloud Is a Shared Responsibility

Krishna discusses the need for swim lanes in the cloud, asks who actually has control of access to services in the cloud and argues for a layered approach to security.

  • 02:58 Security in the cloud is a shared responsibility
  • 03:46 Where does the dividing line on responsibility fall between user and cloud host?
  • 04:37 The security implications of collaboration within the cloud
  • 06:12 From on-prem to in the cloud represents a significant shift in control
  • 08:25 How do you manage versioning within a hybrid on-prem/cloud system?
  • 11:05 Could you accurately estimate your company’s cloud footprint?
  • 12:45 Is security now a shared responsibility across the entire ecosystem of an enterprise?
  • 13:44 Swim lanes in the cloud
  • 17:09 Encryption is a sledgehammer
  • 19:30 The blurred lines between personal and business accounts in the cloud. How can they be monitored?

Krishna Narayanaswamy Interview Transcript