#56 Kristina Podnar – Digital Policy Consultant, September 2019

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The surprise challenge of digitization for CMOs
Kristina talks about how the CMO’s role has been redefined by digitization. She covers the privacy issues surrounding unstructured data, the role of employees in social media, and the need to partner across the organization.

03:35       The challenge of data for CMOs.
05:44       Hiring the right talent. CMOs today may be looking for data scientists not project managers.
08:59       CMOs need to remember it’s not just about enabling consumers but also enabling their last mile employees.
14:22       The CMO’s role has been redefined by digitization — they need to help the organization understand the new realities.
15:59       CMOs musn’t bypass their  security and privacy teams in their haste to exploit digital.
21:13       Piggybacking on employees’ social media following to promote the brand can come with pitfalls.

Kristina Podnar Interview Transcript – September 2019