#106 Laura Noren — Decay by Design

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In this podcast Laura Noren, VP of Privacy and Trust at Obsidian Security, discusses the impact of CCPA on privacy and is disappointed that it’s very name, California Consumer Privacy Act, “assumes that everyone’s most important status in the world is as a consumer.” The challenge of managing consumer requests to see data held or request full deletion has cost implications for most enterprises. Laura has long believed the best way for companies to handle this is to design data sets to decay. Interestingly, this would not only save businesses money but also improve privacy for consumers.

  • 01:12 — CCPA – identity validation is proving an extra headache when requesting information.
  • 04:37 — Data deletion as a service
  • 06:37 — Decay by design. A business cost saving that could actually enhance consumer privacy.
  • 08:57 — Academia is leading the way in helping citizens choose what data they share. 
  • 13:49 — Diversity in computer science remains a problem.
  • 16:30 — A human-in-the-loop algorithmic approach to combating bias.

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