Learn How to Use New Technologies to Address Your Security Needs

SecureDynamics helps you bridge the skills gap, with high-quality, hands-on educational opportunities that arm you with the expertise you need to successfully start migrating and using advanced cybersecurity capabilities.

Virtual Ultimate Test Drive Days

SecureDynamics Virtual Ultimate Test Drive (vUTD) days give you hands on experience with advanced cybersecurity capabilities within real-world production environments, so you can see exactly how to use these technologies to solve your biggest cybersecurity challenges.

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How-to Workshops

SecureDynamics offers How-to Workshops on Firewall Installation and Maintenance that help you avoid common mistakes and learn how to establish and maintain best practice deployments.

Contact info@securedynamics.com to learn of upcoming workshops.

Ongoing Subscription to Knowledge Modules

SecureDynamics has partnered with UberKnowledge, the premier provider of independent, real-world cybersecurity learning modules, to help you stay up-to-date on new and advanced capabilities that will help you thrive in the cloud and digital world. Together, you have access to UberKnowledge’s unique ongoing Knowledge Subscriptions, which are designed to help you understand how you can use and benefit from the latest cybersecurity releases and capabilities.

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