#5 Lester Godsey – CISO for the City of Mesa, Arizona

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The Ever-Changing Role of a CISO

  • 1:49 The conversation that CISOs and CIOs need to have
  • 3:20 Should CISOs be influencing the vendor road map?
  • 6:12 The critical skill set for the future CISO? Speak business and know data analytics.
  • 10:26 The challenge of the duality of the CISO role, aka: the toggle switch
  • 12:41 Blockchain is today’s most overhyped security issue
  • 15:43 Vendors don’t play nicely, but they should because CISOs are seeking integration.
  • 20:37 Take the time to implement proper frameworks; they will streamline your processes.
  • 23:29 Vendors should be realistic and honest about what they bring to the table.

Lester Godsey Interview Transcript