#65 Lester Godsey – October 2019

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Data Management
Lester Godsey, CISO/CPO of the City of Mesa, Arizona, talks data management in the context of privacy, security, responsibility, and regulation.

01:20     You need to understand what your data is and treat it as an asset.

04:36     Implementing a data management program is a good thing, but how do you catch up with the data you already own?

06:35     Who should be responsible for managing data: Chief data officer, privacy officer, internal auditor, CISO?

08:52     There are multiple kinds of data and issues related to it. A mature data management program can address them all.

11:21      The responsibility for securing data will depend upon your industry and geographical region.

13:19      Data management policies need to be shared within the organization; that is the responsibility of a Chief Privacy Officer.

Lester Godsey Interview Transcript October 2019