#72 Malcolm Harkins of Cymatic and Corey White of Cyvatar

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Chief Scapegoat, Setup, and Sacrifice Officer

  • 02:21— People first – always. We lost that in the 80s and business has suffered as a consequence.
  • 04:15— Trust has been eroded in all areas of society. To regain it in business, we need to show people they come first.
  • 06:29— Outcome-based security services means staying until the job is done.
  • 11:08— Focus on yield – are the products purchased delivering effectiveness and efficiency?  
  • 13:32— AI is a means to an end, but it is going to change jobs.
  • 16:48— If you only focus on your own budget, you’re missing the point.
  • 19:32— CISO = the Chief Scapegoat, Setup, and Sacrifice officer.

Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cymatic, and Corey White, Chief Executive and Employee Officer at Cyvatar join the podcast. They discuss the importance of a people-first mentality in business with regard to employees as well as customers, even if that slows the business down a little. They address the skills shortage from a yield perspective and suggest enterprises ensure the security products they buy deliver effectiveness and efficiency.

Corey describes providing outcome-based services and staying with your customer until the job is done. Malcolm talks about the critical nature of trust. They both agree that CISOs need to look beyond their own budgets as the effects of security are much broader. The podcast ends on a fact as sad as it is true: CISOs increasing feel their job has turned into the Chief Scapegoat, Setup, and Sacrifice officer.