Monitor and Optimize Your Deployment to Get the Most from Your Investments

SecureDynamics can help you audit and continuously monitor and manage the health of your firewall deployment to keep your security stance in force. With SecureDynamics, you can achieve operational stability, across your environments, including the cloud, and do more with less resources to create better security outcomes.

SECHealth for Firewalls
SecureDynamics’ firewall-as-as-service offering, SECHealth for Firewalls, automates manual tasks, such as the monitoring, troubleshooting and administration of your firewall. The cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) subscription helps you maintain a healthy firewall deployment and use advanced capabilities to strengthen your security stance.

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SECHealth Firewall Bundle
SecureDynamics provides on-premises firewall bundles for flat monthly pricing, based on the number of users leveraging the Next Generation Palo Alto Networks Firewall appliance and SECHealth for Firewalls service.

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Best Practice Assessments
SecureDynamics can help you develop a comprehensive security transformation strategy with a Best Practice Assessment (BPA) that can identify opportunities for improvement to strengthen your security posture.

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Health Checks
SecureDynamics can help you audit your next-generation cybersecurity solutions to identify opportunities to implement advanced features and improve your overall security stance.

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