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Maximize the Value of Your Firewall Deployment with SecureDynamics

SecureDynamics works with Palo Alto Networks to reduce the time and effort associated with day-to-day firewall operations, so organizations can focus their resources on other strategic projects and initiatives. SecureDynamics offers co-managed services, which provide the expertise of SecureDynamics Certified Architects and the software as a service (SaaS) solution, SECHealth for Firewalls, to ensure Palo Alto Networks Administrators are able to get the most out of their firewall deployment.

The Services are available as an annual offering that can be purchased to support the operations of any Palo Alto Networks Firewalls in production. Prior to using the SecureDynamics co-managed services, SecureDynamics’ PCNSC certified architects can help setup, configure, and migrate customers to Palo Alto Networks Firewalls, which leads to a seamless transition to the co-managed services for the firewalls as soon as they are in production.

SECHealth for Firewalls – Setting the Foundation for Healthy Firewall Deployments

The SECHealth for Firewalls subscription, which is included in each of SecureDynamics’ co-managed service offerings, automates the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of an organization’s firewall deployment to uncover potential issues, help troubleshoot, and support the implementation of best practices. SECHealth for Firewalls connects to Palo Alto Networks Firewalls to provide the organization’s admin with:

  • Best Practice templates (“Skillets”) created by Palo Alto Networks that should be deployed to strengthen the organization’s security posture
  • Best Practices Assessments (BPA), based on Palo Alto Networks BPA framework, to uncover issues and opportunities improve the security of the deployment. The service can then assist with the remediation of some issues, completing the implementation with just a few clicks.
  • Troubleshooting for many of the firewall’s most common operational issues
  • Policy Management for one or many firewalls managed by Palo Alto Networks Panorama
  • Automated Alerts that include Security Advisories, firewall metrics, and configuration issues that are important for the admin to know and potentially address to improve the posture of the deployment
  • Playbooks that can be customized to pro-actively alert admins on issues they care about, such as bandwidth, Global Protect/VPN performance, application access, and ISP issues, among others

Co-managed Services for Palo Alto Networks Firewall Administration

The following SecureDynamics co-managed services are available – packages can be tailored to meet the needs and budgets of large, medium and small businesses.

  • Remote Support from a SecureDynamics Certified Palo Alto Networks engineer to assist with general set up and monthly maintenance issues. including:
    • Establishing and managing a best practices firewall deployment. SecureDynamics can complete a best practice review of the deployment, based on Palo Alto Networks Best Practices Assessment (BPA), and implement any or all of the critical changes recommended.
    • Setting up work from home services, via Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect
    • Updating policies, cleaning up duplicate/conflicting policies, and completing a standard APP-ID setup
    • Adding virtual private network (VPN) and/or GlobalProtect (remote user management) capabilities to the deployment
    • Updating PAN-OS, subscriptions and configuration
    • Deploying subscriptions and recently released features from new PAN-OS releases
    • Doing any additional activities associated with the upkeep and maintenance of the organization’s Palo Alto Networks Firewalls based on customer priorities
    • Troubleshooting any issues that arise.
  • Knowledge Transfer that keeps the customer’s firewall administrator apprised of any changes to the Firewalls.
  • SECHealth for Firewalls subscription for 1 year.
    • The SecureDynamics team will also receive the alerts generated by SECHealth for Firewalls and assist, as needed with any fixes deemed critical

About SecureDynamics

SecureDynamics is focused on helping organizations get their IT security right to ensure the ongoing health and strength of their security infrastructure. Taking real-world experience and industry best practices, SecureDynamics delivers unique educational opportunities, professional services and SaaS applications that enable organizations to easily establish and maintain best practice deployments that strengthen the overall security and availability of the infrastructure, while reducing operational costs. Please contact SecureDynamics at sales@securedynamics.net to get started with any of SecureDynamics co-managed services.