Maximize the Security and Operational Efficiency of Your Deployment

SecureDynamics helps you simplify your ongoing operations and optimize the effectiveness of your security on-prem, in the cloud and at the edge of your network. Our services help you clean up your implementation and adopt advanced capabilities, while our SaaS app, SECHealth, automates routine, daily administrative tasks, soyou can maximize the health, security, and uptime of your deployment.

Best Practice Assessment Services for Your Firewall Deployment

SecureDynamics consultants will use Palo Alto Network’s Best Practice Assessment (BPA) Tool to review your firewall Infrastructure and recommend updates and changes that align with a best practices set-up and implementation. The BPA itself can be done by admins and where we come in is to review the findings, highlight the critical issues and address them in about a day.

  • BPA Base Package: includes a BPA, a summary of the recommended changes and the Firewall admin is responsible for making the changes
  • BPA Transformation Package: a more advanced package that includes a BPA, a summary of recommended changes, and then the implementation of necessary changes to your firewall deployment. SECHealth for Firewalls will also be deployed, and critical Playbooks set up to help with ongoing firewall monitoring and maintenance.


SecureDynamics Concierge Services

SecureDynamics personnel can be made available for 4 or 8 hour slots a month to assist with any Firewall operational issues, from configuration to feature updates. This remote Concierge Service is available on an annual basis and complements the Support offerings from Palo Alto TAC and other Authorized Support Centers. While Support teams assist with break-fix issues, the Concierge service offers consultancy to solve the ‘how do I do this” issue. You can use the Concierge Service to conduct:

  • A best practices review of your security infrastructure deploymentl
  • Policy updates and cleanup
  • Network additions, such as VPNs and Global Protect
  • Firewall configuration updates
  • Upgrades to PAN-OS
  • Additional activities associated with the upkeep and maintenance of your security infrastructure


SECHealth for Firewall

SecureDynamics provides a unique cloud-based subscription ervice that enables you to simplify and automate your daily administrator firewall operations. This software as a service (SaaS) offering gives you a self-service portal, with BPA tool access and Iron Skillet templates that make it easy for you to monitor and maintain a healthy security deployment.

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Protection for Cloud Environments


Protection for applications and data across AWS – including EC2, ECS and Lambda functions.

Microsoft Azure

Protection for your applications and data across Microsoft Azure – including AKS, ACR or Azure Functions.

Google Cloud Platform

Protection for your applications and data across Google Cloud Platform – including Anthos, GKE, and serverless functions