#133 Scott Edwards — Senior Director, Netskope Academy


Training Cybersecurity

In this podcast, Scott Edwards, Senior Director of the Netskope Academy, talks about cybersecurity training. He discusses how training has evolved and the value it brings to companies who invest in their employees. He talks about the key skills cybersecurity trainers need: an ability to understand the technology deeply and an ability to educate. Finally he muses on whether virtual training has eclipsed the need for a brick and mortar classroom setting.

  • 04:55 — If you train your employees you will have better outcomes with the security products you buy.
  • 06:23 — Training benefits the company and the individual.
  • 08:19 — Trainers require two assets: deep knowledge and an ability to make that knowledge learnable.
  • 12:14 — Training hasn’t changed much but delivery has. Technology has enabled that.
  • 15:45 — Is the future remote or classroom-based training?

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