#131 Mike Hamilton — Founder & CISO, CI Security


Cyber Curious

Mike Hamilton, Founder and CISO of CI Security joins the podcast to talk about his career in cybersecurity. He discusses the founding and purpose of PISCES and how they offer network monitoring at no cost to the public sector.  He goes on to talk about the increased cyber threats that have come with the chaos of Covid-19 and the very real risk posed by nation states. He finishes the podcast by explaining that cybersecurity remains an industry that values the curious and the intelligent. He encourages those individuals, no matter their background, to explore a cyber career. He explains, “I am more concerned with your curiosity than your degrees.”

  • 04:27 — The story of PISCES: linking public sector network monitoring with the education system to provide analyst students with live fire training. 
  • 07:55 — Among the chaos of Covid-19, nation state cyber attacks are even more of a concern.
  • 09:37 — Elections are run by counties and local government is known to have poor security. 
  • 11:39 — Biggest election issue is manipulation and misinformation.
  • 14:20 — Most hired roles in cybersecurity right now? Auditors and analysts.

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