#127 Olivia Rose — How to Get Your Start in Cyber


It is all about who you know in security, and it’s a very small industry … It’s really important to have a very good reputation and reach out and connect to people because that’s where the jobs are.

Olivia Rose, CISO at Large, rejoins the podcast for a conversation about how to get your cyber start. She discusses her recent article on LinkedIn giving the pointers she wished she had known when she’d known when she’d started. She explains that your career is a long game, making connections now and showing your passion for the industry will help people remember you when the next job opens up.

  • 01:14 — Qualification and experience requirements for cyber entry-level jobs are unreasonable.
  • 03:10 — It’s all about your connections.
  • 05:34 — Show your drive and passion in conversation with security leaders; that’s what will make you stand out when the next job comes up.
  • 08:02 — In cybersecurity, experience wins over education every time.
  • 11:16 — Volunteer locally.
  • 14:10 — The pandemic, cloud and remote working means the boundaries have exploded.

If you’d like to hear more about cybersecurity hiring, listen to our recent podcast with Mike Manrod, CISO of Grand Canyon Education.

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