#96 Renuka Nadkarni — CTO of Security, F5 Networks

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Business Logic Attacks

In this podcast, Renuka Nadkarni, CTO for Security at F5 Networks, discusses her new focus on business logic attacks. In combating these attacks, she describes a partnership where security benefits the business rather than being seen as an obstructive force.

She goes on to talk about the evolving environment for women in technology and confides that she spent the first 10-15 years of her career simply trying to fit in. Her advice to women in this space now is, “you can never be something you’re not. And the sooner you get very comfortable with that … and you are willing to put your originality into the conversation and be who you are, the faster you actually get to the transition.”

  • 02:12 — What is a business logic attack?
  • 04:47 — Security causes friction. Is there a better way than MFA?
  • 07:52 — Moving to cloud opens new attack vectors but you bring the old ones with you too.
  • 09:43 — Attackers have to show ROI too.
  • 16:53 — The evolving environment for women in technology – and some important life lessons.

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