#104 RSAC — Is It Still Relevant?

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In this podcast, Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer at Cymatic, Simone Petrella, CEO and Founder of CyberVista, Chris Pierson, CEO and Founder of BlackCloak, and Hank ThomasCEO of Strategic Cyber Ventures join our host Ashwin Krishnan to unpack RSAC 2020.

They all agreed that RSA has become a vendor’s conference and none of them attended as many sessions as they’d intended, if at all. Which raises the important question — is RSAC still relevant? Their answer is an emphatic yes.  The real power of RSAC is not in the expo hall or even in the keynotes, it’s in the audience. The value lies in the network it convenes, the meetings held, the connections renewed year after year, and the new people met.

05:18 — “I have always expected at RSA a level of marketing manipulation and storytelling to perpetuate the industry’s profit motives and profiting from the pain.” Malcolm Harkins

17:11 — “Increasingly, the sessions, the events that are held on the outskirts, in the hotels and the suites, that’s where I get real one-on-one time.” Chris Pierson

22:13 — “I really think that the real value of RSA is that it has the convening power to bring together professionals in the space that have been working on a number of these issues over the last 15-20 years … those relationships and connections have remained constant.” Simone Petrella

24:32 — “No matter how much consolidation takes place in cybersecurity there’s always going to be new innovation required because we have a global network of adversaries constantly working to defeat us.” Hank Thomas

Look out for more of our interviews from RSAC 2020 as they are published over the next week.

Highlights from RSA 2019 include our conversations with Brian Vecci of Varonis, Jon Callas of ACLU, and Eric Olden of Oracle.