Eliminate Time-Consuming, Error-Prone Manual Firewall Tasks

SECHealth for Firewalls revolutionizes the way you manage your firewall, making it easy for you to complete daily administrative tasks and quickly address issues to keep your Palo Alto Networks Firewall healthy. SECHealth for Firewalls automates the ongoing monitoring, troubleshooting and administrative tasks you need to keep your security in force and start taking advantage of advanced security capabilities.

With SECHealth for Firewalls, you can ensure your implementation follows best practice recommendations from Palo Alto Networks, using the Iron Skillet Best Practice Rules and Profiles, with continuous monitoring, rule clean up, troubleshooting and remediation that keeps your security in force.

SD SEC Triangle-02

trengthen security

  • Proactively detect and alert on firewall configuration issues that pose a risk, such as rules written too broadly, duplicative or conflicting rules and policies.
  • Successfully migrate and start to use advanced next-generation firewall features, like Palo Alto Networks APP-ID, Threat Profiles, etc.
  • Create a preventative security posture that conforms to best-practices.

nsure simple, efficient operations

  • Automate manual tasks to ensure they are done correctly, without error, including multi-policy editing, to prevent connectivity, VPN or other firewall issues.
  • Automate root cause analysis to accelerate troubleshooting and issue resolution.
  • Achieve operational stability, across environments, including the cloud.

onduct regular health checks of your Firewalls

  • Continuously monitor the health of the firewall, based on a variety of parameters.
  • Provide ongoing resource telemetry and visualizations of firewall, VPN and remote access topologies.
  • Quickly and easily understand policy priorities, eliminate sprawl, and maintain best practices to ensure the continuous, secure operations of your firewall.

How SECHealth for Firewalls Works

SECHealth for Firewalls is a cloud-based service that connects to an organization’s firewalls via an on-premises collector agent, VPN or the firewall management interface. Admins or managed service provider teams can access the service via a self-service portal. The service is complementary to Palo Alto Networks Panorama and migration tool.