The Industry’s First FWOps Automation Subscription
SecureDynamics SECHealth for Firewalls automates repetitive firewall tasks and simplifies the ongoing management of your firewall across hybrid cloud environments. It’s the industry’s first subscription capable of accelerating the daily, routine tasks associated with maintaining a secure, healthy firewall to reduce your operational costs and strengthen your overall security stance.

It’s like having a virtual professional services engineer always available to complete daily, routine tasks, so you can efficiently maintain a best practices firewall configuration and focus on your business critical projects.

Benefits of SECHealth for Firewall

  • Operationalize your Firewall: uncover and address inefficiencies and security gaps with automated tools (SaaS subscription) that simplify and improve the firewall’s ongoing operations. SECHealth can accelerate:
    • Root cause analysis
    • Operational integration
    • The visualization of firewall, VPN and remote access topologies
  • Extend your Deployment: achieve operational stability, so a consistent security stance (policy/enforcement) can be extended into new cloud, data center and office environments.  SECHealth can:   
    • Correlate firewall traffic logs with host data to compile cloud resource activity
    • Manage and prevent cloud sprawl
    • Leverage machine learning to enhance security policy management
  • Strengthen your Deployment: create a preventative security posture that conforms to best-practices, as well as customer-defined security policy frameworks. SECHealth can: 
    • Identify how to strengthen security access rules with AppID, Threat profiles and Wildfire
    • Alert on rules written too broadly that expose risks
    • Improve management efficiency, with multi-policy editing capabilities

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