#59 Shalini Trefzer – Founder of LeapSecond Consulting+

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Strategy, Navigation, and Execution in AI
Shalini talks strategy for start-ups, bias in AI and machine learning, and tackling diversity in the societal systems that assign value.

04:32       The number of people who know AI and know how to use it needs to increase dramatically.

08:43      An experience of bias led Shalini to wonder how we challenge machine learning bias; it is hard enough with humans.

14:38       It is imperative for leaders to understand the ethics and consequences of their AI offerings. 

17:36       We need to be aware of where we are, where we wish to go, and what the gap is between.

20:46       We need to approach diversity by tackling the systems that assign value to gender, skin color, background, etc.

Shalini Trefzer Interview Transcript