#3 Tammy Moskites – Senior Security Executive at Accenture and career CISO

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Your Network is the Key to Your Success

Tammy offers vendors advice on deepening relationships and building networks and opines on the most critical, yet overlooked, security issue – the basic security foundations of asset inventory, security and protection.

  • 01:56 Advice for vendors: it’s all about the relationship.
  • 03:44 The importance of networking and branding
  • 05:54 Leverage your venture capitalist
  • 11:03 How to get across your message and rise above the noise
  • 12:33 What CISOs really want from vendors
  • 14:08 The usefulness of a customer advisory team
  • 17:03 The most critical, but understated security issue? Basic security foundationals – asset inventory, secure and protect
  • 20:20 CISOs need to sing Kumbaya
  • 21:23 Are successful CISOs business-oriented tech professionals or tech-oriented business professionals?

Tammy Moskites Interview Transcript