#77 Taylor Lehmann — How to Sell to a CISO

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  • 03:11 — Humor as a tool to offer advice on best practices for selling to a CISO
  • 05:43 — The best security salesperson is an ex-practitioner.
  • 07:59 — Stop cold calling. 
  • 09:56 — The characteristics of a great salesperson: engagement, knowledge, network.
  • 13:49 — What makes a company a great place to work for a CISO?

Tired of the same intrusive sales tactics, Taylor Lehmann, CISO of Athenahealth, put together a tongue-in-cheek flowchart to try to educate vendors. In this podcast he discusses that flowchart and the best – and worst – practices for selling security.

Like many of our previous guests, Taylor reminds vendors that CISOs are looking for a partnership and that the relationship matters. In his opinion, the best salespeople exhibit and understand the same three characteristics – engagement, knowledge, network.

You can find Taylor’s flowchart here.

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