How UberKnowledge plans to educate and empower a distracted and time-starved audience

We have all heard the phrase “continuous learning” but frankly even thinking about it can be intimidating. Why? Because it conjures images of “continuous time sink,” and who can afford that these days?”? But consider the alternative: the fast route to obsolescence.

Gone are the days when you paid your learning dues in undergrad and grad school and then applied those pearls of wisdom in the workplace over the next few decades. Today, you are lucky if you have a year or two to apply your academic learning before you need to unlearn and relearn all over again. Rinse and repeat for the rest of your career.

So how then, do you fit learning in amidst working, raising a family, dealing with customer escalations, fitness routines, and long commutes? Hint: the learning needs to be adaptive and delivered across multiple mediums so that it can be consumed at your convenience: a video for when you are on the treadmill; a podcast for your long commute; or an instructor-led session for when you have half a day to truly dig deep.

Seven Universal Truths

We, at UberKnowledge, are focused on cybersecurity education and learning. We want to help you manage the challenge of continuous learning in your cybersecurity journey. Easy? Heck no! But nothing worthwhile is ever easy. We have distilled our starting position into seven universal truths that anchor everything we do.

  1. The CISO and her team have less and less of one precious commodity today —and in the future – time.
  2. The security vendors’ noise level is deafening and their jargon very similar.
  3. Vendors’ education initiatives are treated warily by customers as sales pitches in disguise.
  4. A vendor-customer conversation is rarely that – a conversation. Vendors are motivated to look for openings to pitch their product, and customers are constantly looking to dodge these overtures.
  5. Vendors are usually so time-crunched just keeping up with their technology, competition, and differentiation that they seldom have the time or the energy to truly understand their customers’ needs and challenges.
  6. The customer’s world is constantly changing – employees learning in very different ways, technology replacing humans, time-challenged individuals, the cybersecurity skills gap.
  7. And finally, when the CISO is in the news, it is usually for the wrong reasons.


How UberKnowledge Rises to the Challenge

Just reading that list can be quite deflating. Lack of trust, deafening noise, time crunch everywhere. But that has not got us down, quite the opposite. At UberKnowledge, we see an opportunity – an opportunity to host and add to the conversation, to bring our community together and share knowledge, to have a hand in shaping this fast-changing sector that dominates the way we all live our lives.  We want to rise to the challenge, and this is how.


Cybersecurity Podcasts

Yes, there are tons of podcasts out there already. And a large number of security-focused ones too. So why one more? Well, because our podcasts are based on our principles.

  • By eschewing sponsorship, we provide an unbiased and balanced view.
  • By spreading our conversations across the CISO community and vendor CEOs, we can elevate the discussion and communicate truths of value to both communities.
  • By highlighting female leaders as our podcast guests, we aim to do our small part in bridging the glaring gender gap in cybersecurity today.
  • By creating a transcript from the conversation and highlighting the key takeaways in bite-sized sentences, we aim to address the time-crunched and varied preferences of our audience.


Cybersecurity Shares

This is our library of constantly growing content focused on the “why”. No overt or covert pitching of vendors’ products – EVER. An example of this is a video we created about employees bringing their prior employer’s assets with him. Knowing that folks consume content in various ways, we share our knowledge in a variety of ways too: short videos, blogs, podcast takeaways in summary form. You can watch or listen or read, whatever suits you. And best of all, this is FREE.


Cybersecurity Subscriptions

Here we get deeper and broader. Our subscriptions include general cybersecurity topics – such as how spear-phishing has evolved over the past year – as well as more specific vendor content on features and new products. But with a difference. We will not include anything we do not believe in. If you hit our subscription portal today (heck, if you get challenged for a username and password, send us an email here and we will set you up with one for 30 days all-you-can-eat), you will see a lot of Palo Alto Networks content. Why? Because we have been working with this world-class security vendor for a long time. And the content there proves it. Among our many student testimonials, one enthused, “I have attended many security training sessions, but Wiley stands head and shoulders above the rest. He was instrumental in me getting my PCNSE certification”. But we are not stopping there. We are actively working with other world-class security vendors to build more content with a mission to educate in an unbiased and professional manner. Nothing less.

Whew! That should give you a flavor of what we are about. We will never compromise our unbiased stance. We will promote and support women in cybersecurity. And we will always empathize with our time-crunched audience in whatever content we produce. How? The medium will always be just that – a medium. The content is what really matters, and we will constantly make our content available through every medium possible – a podcast turned into a blog turned into a video and even a training session.

Come join us on this journey. Consume our content. Criticize us – hey we will make mistakes, and we will adapt as we learn from them. And, if you want, give us the occasional pat on the back, as Wiley’s student did the other day, we would welcome it. #Onwards