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Firewall Operations - Monitoring & Troubleshooting With SECHealth

Audience : Palo Alto Networks NGFW Admins And Partner SE’s
Cost : $0.00
Duration : 1 hour
Region : North America
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SECHealth for Firewalls -- Save time with your daily Palo Alto Networks Firewall Operations 

When it comes to your Firewalls, how long do you as a Firewall Administrator spend on daily Firewall Operations tasks?  Does that task get complicated as you add more rules and more firewalls?

 How quickly can you troubleshoot a connectivity issue? 

Do you know how many firewall rules you have? Do you know how many of them are duplicative, conflicting or putting you at risk? 

 It's okay if you don't. Most people don't. That's why we created SECHealth for Firewalls - cloud-based service that provides a dashboard and simplifies and automates daily firewall operations to enable administrators to quickly and easily establish and maintain a healthy firewall. 


  In this one hour session, you will see how SECHealth for firewalls can help you address

  • The risks associated with operational firewall issues
  • How to establish and maintain a healthy firewall 
  • How firewall errors could be putting your organization at risk 
  • What you can do to overcome firewall operational challenges
  • How SECHealth for Firewall enables you to do so much more with less

Whether you've been working on Palo Alto Firewalls since 2.0 or have recently invested in them, SECHealth can help you get your Firewall operationalized or start with a correct configuration.

Remember you can have the most secure policies and rules but if your firewall is misconfigured, chances are that you are at a greater risk of being breached !!