#121 Ty Sbano — Chief Security and Trust Officer, Sisense

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Have a Resilient Plan

I think it’s really critical to have the fortitude and the resiliency to make it through these things. It’s not that you pray you won’t have incidents, because you will, it’s that you plan for it.”

Ty Sbano, Chief Security & Trust Officer at Sisensejoins the podcast to talk about how having a resilient plan can remove emotion and make crises less scary. He discusses Sisense’s cloud-first approach, explaining how and where they see the future of work. And like many security practitioners we speak to here, Ty underscores the role of the CISO as a business enabler and encourages every company to make security part of company culture.  

  • 02:06 — Getting ahead of the curve. Planning for the pandemic early.
  • 06:28 — Having frameworks in place allows you to not have an emotional response.
  • 08:22 — Remote working has leveled the playing field.
  • 12:15 — Cloud first, remote working means connectivity will be crucial.
  • 15:59 — Advice: CISOs – have a resilient plan. Vendors – tread with care.

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