#33 Vincent Sritapan – Portfolio Manager, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate

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Security on Our Most-Used Device
Vincent discusses the neglected world of mobile security. He shares insights on how to get a government contract and offers sound advice to both vendors and practitioners.

  • 02:06 We need to be able to trust the result that comes out of a security vendor tool.
  • 04:05 Vendors need to be honest upfront, check their facts, and have substantiating evidence because trust and reputation are very important.
  • 06:58 Just how hard is it to become a government vendor?
  • 11:19 Mobile security is 100 percent underrepresented in the industry.
  • 12:26 You have antivirus on your laptop; where is the endpoint protection for your phone?
  • 14:10 BYOD or enterprise owned, how should app downloads be governed?
  • 15:05 Ownership of security in the mobile landscape still belongs to the enterprise. IoT isn’t as smart as we think it is … yet.
  • 18:16 Enterprises have got to do the basics: know how many devices they have and know how to protect them.
  • 19:19 For CISOs managing tight budgets look to consolidate, look to leverage existing technologies; that will help save money and mature enterprise security overall.
  • 19:35 Get ahead of the curve. If you’re in a regulated industry, those regulations will get updated. Make sure you’re protected upfront.
  • 21:55 Vendors must be honest about their strengths and weaknesses because practitioners factcheck.

Vincent Sritapan Interview Transcript